Mismo 19d Automatic Flash & Fire Point Test Apparatus As Per Astm D 92


Test Method :-

Flash Point is lowest temperature at which application of the ignition source causes the vapour of a specimen of the sample to ignite under the specified condition of the test.

The temperature of the approximately 70 ml test specimen is increased rapidly at first and then at a slower constant rate as the flash point is approached. At specified intervals a test flame is passed across the cup, to measure the tendency of the test specimen to form a flammable mixture with air under controlled laboratory conditions.

Standard :-

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D92; IP 36; ISO 2592

Features & Benefits :-
  • Temp Range: 79 to 400° deg C.
  • Test Method: ISO 2592, ASTM D 92, IP 36, IS 1448 (P-69).
  • Ignition Source: Gas Flame with two Pilot electric Coils.
  • Temperature Sensor: PT-100 in stainless steel sheath.
  • Flash/Fire Detector: Ionization principle based flash-detector sensor.
  • Controller: HMI Touch screen with colour display and inbuilt storage of approx. 300 samples with audio visual alarm to check the machine. 3-wire RTD temperature sensor, free potential flame detector sensor as i/p. with automatic barometric reading correction.
  • All necessary interlock for self detection of fault.
  • Flame-Sampling Arrangement: 10 Rpm, D.C. 12 v or 24V DC, gear motor, vertical movement reciprocating to & fro motion.
    Heater: 800 W, 230 v.
  • Electrical ignition for pilot flame-sampling. Ignition transformer having continuous o/p of 10.6 Kv. D.C. from 230 v A.C. i/p.
  • Equipment Overall Size (LxWxH): 280mm (W) X 530mm ( D ) X 415 mm ( H )
  • Equipment Gross Weight: 22 Kg.
  • Equipment supply will be 230 V Ac, 50 Hz with 15 amp capacity.

Features :-
Single action setting: – The Flash Detection ring and temperature sensor are permanently mounted on a swing-arm assembly, which allows easy setting of the specimen.
Easy operation: – Select a Test Mode and enter the expected flash Point. While instrument executes the test, you are free to do other lab work. The tester follows the exact procedures prescribed in the test method and the completion of the test cycle is signaled by buzzer. The test result is brightly shown in VFD.
Auto fire point detection: – In addition to the automatic detection of flash point, fire point can be determined automatically too. The fire Point is detected when the ionisation ring detects 5 sec for continuous burning.

Automatically shut the machine and horn the buzzer in the case:

  • EFP+30oC or at 400oC is reached
  • Temperature sensor is found defective
  • Flash detector is found defective
  • Arm is not set in place
  • Cup is not set in place
  • Heater has gone
  • Side Ignition coil/solenoid has gone

Installation Site: Temperature: 0 to 45 degree C. , Humidity : Less Than 90% ( No condensation).

* Power Supply 230 V Ac, 16 amps.
* GAS Supply (LP Gas or Natural Gas Pressure Less than 9.8 Kpa)

Accessories will be supplid with equipment :-
  • Coc cup — 1 NO (CAT NO MISMO 19AC1)
  • Thermal printer — 1 NO (CAT NO MISMO 19AC7)
  • Thermal printer roll — 1 NO (CAT NO MISMO 19AC8)
  • Pc interface cable – 1 NO. (CAT NO MISMO 19AC9)
  • Software for above– 1 NO. (CAT NO MISMO 19AC10)
  • Thermal fuse – 1 NO. (CAT NO MISMO 19AC5)
  • Signal cable – 1 NO. ( CAT NO MISMO 19AC6)
Spares Required for 5 year Trouble Free Operation :-
  • Ceramic heater — 2 NOS.(CAT NO MISMO 19S1)
  • Thermal insulator — 1 NO.(CAT NO MISMO 19S2)
  • Coc cup — 2 NO.(CAT NO MISMO 19AC1)
  • Side ignitor with coil – 3 NO EACH (CAT NO MISMO 19S3)
  • Cooling fan – 1 NO.(CAT NO MISMO 19S4)
Electrical Requirement :-
  • 220-240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 10.9A
  • OR 115V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 20.8A
Dimension :-

11”x22”x17” (28x53x41)
Net Weight: 49 lbs (22kg)

Shipping Information :-

Shipping Weight: 78 lbs (35kg)
Dimensions: 4.7 Cu. ft.

Warranty :-

One year

Ordering Information :-
Catalogue NoProduct DescriptionElectrical Requirement
MISMO 19DAutomatic flash point apparatus220-240V, 50/60Hz
MISMO 19D EXPAutomatic flash point apparatus 115V, 50/60Hz
MISMO 19S1Ceramic heater
MISMO 19S2Thermal insulator
MISMO 19AC1Coc cup
MISMO 19S3Side ignitor with coil
MISMO 19S4Cooling fan

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