MISMO 35A Oxidation Stability Test Apparatus, RBOT/TFOUT As Per ASTM D 2212 / ASTM D 2272


Test Method :-

The RBOT procedure employs severe oxidation conditions to rapidly determine oxidation stability. Suitable for both new and in-service oils, the RBOT method is applicable to many types of petroleum oils. The sample is oxidized in the presence of water and a copper catalyst in a stainless steel pressure vessel under an initial pressure of 90psi (620kpa). Pressure inside the vessel is recorded electronically or mechanically while the vessel is rotated at 100rpm at constant temperature, and the amount of time required for a specified drop in pressure is the oxidation stability of the sample. A variation of the RBOT method is the “Thin Film Oxidation Uptake Test” (TFOUT) for gasoline automotive engine oils.

Standard :-

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D2112, D2272, D4742; IP 229

Features & Benefits :-
  • Type of Bath: – Electrically heated immersion heater.
  • Max Working Temperature :- 200 Degree C
  • Continuous Working Temperature :- 200 Degree C
  • Capacity: – 70 Ltr bath with SS body & top cover.
  • Mounting: -2 Place rotating pressure vessels oil bath on castors.
  • Drive: -Heavy duty drives motor to rotate pressure vessel at 100 rpm and is housed below the oil bath.
  • Pressure Vessel: Rotating pressure vessel constructed of stainless steel with stem and valve to receive pressure transducer.
  • Angle:-Pressure vessel is held at an angle of 30°
  • Mapping: – Pressure mapping 0-200 psi.
  • Accessories: Catalyst wire, glass liners with PTFE-cover, an ASTM 96c thermometer, & ‘O’ ring supplied with the unit.
  • DataLogger: Automatic pressure digital data logger with pc interfacing software supplied on CD-ROM with pressure sensor.
  • Heater:- Immersion heater
  • Accuracy:- +/- 0.3 Degree C
  • Readability:- +/- 0.1 Degree C
  • Temperature controller :-
    • Temp. Is controlled by microprocessor based PID temp. Controller
    • It is having dual display with INT or Siemens contactor for switching on & switching off the heater.
  • Input Power Supply: 230 V Ac, 50 Hz, 1 Phase with 15 Amp current rating.
  • Heating Load: 3 Kw.
  • Thermocouple :-
    • Calibrated RTD type thermocouple will be provided capable of measuring up to 120 Deg C at accuracy of +/- 0.1 Deg C
  • Control Panel/Display :-
    • Digital display for present, set temperatures.
    • Heater indicator.
    • Main switch on/off indicator.
  • Safety Interlocks/ Relay :-
    • Overload safety cut-off
    • Safety for input power fluctuation
    • 1-phase indication lamp.
    • Emergency switch off
  • Construction :-
    • Double walled construction, thermally insulated with cooling system for better performance during continuous operation.
    • Powder coated external surface for esthetic appearance.
Accessories will be supplid with equipment :-
  • Pressure vessel: 1 no (CAT NO MISMO35AC1)
  • Catalyst wire: 1 no (CAT NO MISMO35AC2)
  • Glass liner with PTFE: cover (CAT NO MISMO 35AC3)
  • Astm 96 thermometer with calibration cert: ( CAT NO MISMO 35AC4)
  • ‘O’ ring: 1 no. (CAT NO MISMO 35AC5)
Spares Required for 5 year Trouble Free Operation :-
  • Pressure vessel: 2 nos.(CAT NO MISMO35AC1)
  • Catalyst wire: 10 no.(CAT NO MISMO35AC2)
  • Glass liner with PTFE: Cover- 1 NO (CAT NO MISMO35AC3)
  • ‘O’ ring: 10 no. (CAT NO MISMO35AC5)
  • Solid state relay: 3 no.(CAT NO MISMO35S1)
  • Temperature controller: 1 no each (CAT NO MISMO35S2)
  • Immersion heater: 2 no. (CAT NO MISMO35S3)
  • Stirrer motor: 1 no.(CAT NO MISMO35S4)
Electrical Requirement :-
  • 220-240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 15.0A
  • OR 115V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 30.0A
Dimension :-

lxwxh, in, (cm)
25”x22”x27” (54x49x69)
Net Weight: 64 lbs (29kg)

Shipping Information :-

Shipping Weight: 78 lbs (35kg)
Dimensions: 10.1 Cu. Ft.

Ordering Information :-
Catalogue NoProduct DescriptionElectrical Requirement
MISMO 35Oxidation stability test apparatus, RBOT/TFOUT220-240V, 50/60Hz
MISMO35 ExpOxidation stability test apparatus, RBOT/TFOUT115V, 50/60Hz
MISMO 35ac1Pressure vessel
MISMO 35ac2Catalyst wire
MISMO35ac3Glass liner with PTFE
MISMO35ac5‘O’ ring
MISMO35s1Solid state relay
MISMO 35s2Temperature controller
MISMO35s3Immersion heater
MISMO35s4Stirrer motor