Mismo 69 Standard Penetrometer Apparatus As Per Astm D 217,1403


Test Method :-

Penetration tests are performed on petroleum products to determine consistency and shear stability (lubricating greases) for design, quality control and identification purposes. A standard cone or needle is released from a penetrometer and allowed to drop freely into the sample for 5 seconds (or a different specified interval) at constant temperature. The depth of penetration of the cone or needle into the sample is measured in tenths of a millimeter by the penetrometer.

Standard :-

Conforms to the specifications of: ASTM D5, D217, D937, D1321, D1403, D2884, D4950; IP 49, 50, 179, 310; ISO 2137; DIN 51804, 51580, 51579; FTM 791-311, 791-312, 791-313; AOCS Cc 16-60; AACC 58-14; NF T 60-119; 60-123; 60-132; 66-004.

Features & Benefits :-
  • Designed for ASTM penetration tests on petroleum products and for consistency tests on a wide range of food products, cosmetics, pastes and other solid to semisolid products.
  • Precision machined and assembled to exacting specifications, and ruggedly constructed to insure long service life in both laboratory and field applications.
  • Features a full penetration range of 0-62.0mm with 1/10mm subdivisions (0-620 penetration scale).
  • Accommodates cones and needles to perform all of the ASTM tests on lubricating greases, asphalts, petroleum waxes and petrolatum’s.
  • Compact design facilitates transport for field use.
  • Head assembly adjusts for accurate placement of the tip of the needle or cone on the surface of the sample.
  • Sturdy cast iron base provides excellent support and has a built-in spirit level and leveling screws to insure proper alignment of the penetrometer during testing.
  • Supplied with 50 and 100 gram weights and standard 47.5g plunger assembly.
  • Supplied with 50ml and 100ml aluminum container with siemens grey texture color finish.
  • Supplied with cone assembly and needle along with.
  • Supplied with zero adjustment assembly ( Optional )
  • Supplied with cyclic timer with reset facility ( Optional )